Thursday, February 9, 2017

Haiku Film Reviews

The glorious thesis continues, but blog vincit omnia. Here are some, one hopes, witty film reviews in the form of haikus.

Bridget Jones's Diary, dir. by Sharon Maguire  
Not-chubby Bridget
spurns sexual harassment
case for haughty swain.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, dir. by Joseph L. Mankiewicz 
Salty sea captain
woos and wins gem-eyed widow.
Alas, he's a ghost.

Impromptu, dir. by James Lupine
Authoress in pants
allures neurotic pianist,
fights duel when he faints.

My Brilliant Career, dir. Gillian Armstrong
Woman with big hair
rejects pillow-fight accomplice
to write in squalor.

Out of Africa, dir. by Sydney Pollack
Coffee planter has
foreplay in a plane; too bad,
he will not commit.

The Piano, dir. by Jane Campion
Music is the speech
of a mute mail-order bride;
her husband's blood boils.

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